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St John's Wort Oil

St John's Wort Oil

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St John’s Wort is a miraculous plant that comes from nature. There are many benefits to the body with internal and external use. St John’s Wort oil is used in the treatment of all kinds of problems on the skin, especially burn and wound healing.

Also, St John’s Wort oil is used in all kinds of wounds. Open wounds, fresh injuries, cuts, losers, bruises that occur as a result of strikes, etc.

A few benefits of St John’s Wort oil’s are : 

  • Antiseptic properties prevent the formation of germs in the wound.
  • The cell regenerative feature allows the wound to close quickly.
  • To have a smooth skin, you can use it as skin care oil.
  • St John’s Wort oil is also very effective in rashes of infants.
  • You can use St John’s Wort oil for sunburns. You can immediately feel that your pain is diminishing when you burn your burns. Your burns will heal soon.
  • St John’s Wort oil helps to get rid of acne with its antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties.

How it's made ; 

The plant of the St John’s Wort is completely collected from nature by hand work. The plants are kept in the sun for a while in natural olive oil. After a while, the yellow plants turn a red color and transfer all the characteristics to the olive oil. At the end of this process, which lasts for about 45 days, St John’s Wort oil is stored in dark bottles.

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