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Juniper Tar Soap

Juniper Tar Soap

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Tar soap, which consists of natural ingredients, is a soap that has many beneficial effects. Juniper Tar (pix juniperi oxycedrus) is obtained by burning the root trunk and branches of the juniper tree and has been used for skincare and hair care for centuries. Juniper tar soap prepared with juniper tar oil obtained by keeping this tar in oil is good for many different ailments and is a very good germ breaker thanks to its antiseptic properties. Tar soap, which has been used for hair care and skin diseases in various parts of Anatolia for a very long time, has a healing feature.

Tar soap, which has miraculous effects as a soap, is a soap used in the treatment of diseases. Soap, which is used especially in skin ailments, is a type of soap that is frequently used in cystitis. It also has important benefits in eliminating discomfort such as eczema and psoriasis that cause constant itching of the skin. By removing the itching caused by eczema, it helps the person to be more comfortable and also helps the germs that cause itching to die completely.

It is used in the treatment of spots left by acne and also has important benefits for diseases that cause great discomfort to people such as athlete's foot. Juniper Tar soap, when used regularly and regularly, helps to relieve varicose veins and minimizes skin irritation. In particular, it is a feature that makes tar soap highly preferred to relieve itching. One of the important features of soap is that it is produced naturally and does not have any side effects on the skin.
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